i need to date a girl with the initials AG so we can carve SW+AG on benches

Those r my mums initials…,

say hello to your new dad. i see that your tumblr blog contains some vulgar language. you’re grounded

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gotta do a damn background check on the op of every post i reblog now or i might accidentally start a gang war, ppl gonna get killed if i reblog someone from a rival clique, if i wanna FOLLOW someone new i gotta watch them for months and get the god dam FBI to search their family history to make sure they’re not related to someone i pissed off once seven months ago 

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I have seen several completely debunked posts being reblogged as fact on this lunch break. I’m not mad, everyone. I’m just disappointed.

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gee, there are gender critical men on this website but i never see them getting name called or having to answer uncomfortable questions 24/7.

hmmmm, it’s almost as if “TERF” is used to target women and lesbian feminists specifically. how interesting. nope, definitely no misogyny or lesbophobia there.

trans misogyny = transcending misogyny = taking misogyny to the NEXT LEVEL

I know a guy who is gender critical and he used to have a tumblr blog and some dude sent him rape threats, then when he realised he was a guy he got a long, sincere written apology

Shit you not

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If you google ‘Eric Garner’ I guarantee you that almost every article by major media outlets will list some or all of the following: Garner’s height, weight, his (alleged) past criminal history, and that the police supposedly thought he was “illegally” selling cigarettes. And all this information will be in the first few paragraphs.

Here’s what most corporate news outlets won’t make so readily available (you may have to dig for it): precisely how many officers ganged up on Garner, their complete police histories, any crimes they may have committed in their personal lives, and not even the names of all the involved officer’s are listed. And you may or may not have read that Garner clearly said he couldn’t breathe at least six times, and that multiple witnesses said Garner had just arrived on scene and broken up an altercation.

The media is hardly objective and they begin covering for the police and victimizing the victim very early on. These lopsided “facts” and seemingly minor omissions is only the beginning. Wait until it goes to court. Then you won’t believe how much news outlets, the police and defense attorneys will demonize Mr. Garner.

Unless you’re Black. Then this is an all too familiar pattern.


From Emmett Till to Rodney King to The Central Park Five to Oscar Grant to Amadou Diallo to Sean Bell to Trayvon Martin to Renisha McBride to Jonathan Ferrell to Jordan Davis to Eric Garner and so very many others…even though we’re always unarmed, there is never a shortage of disproportionately White juries eager to conclude that the act of merely existing while Black is always sufficient justification for inflicting brutality, imprisonment or murder onto any unfamiliar Black bodies

Seems like it’s always the same old song and dance whenever Black people seek justice from the system made to imprison us: Criminalizing BlacknessWhite people may commit crimes, but Black people are always viewed as criminals.

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(quote from Knox is below the cut as it is quite sexually explicit and violent, trigger warning and content warning apply)

Belle Knox is sex positive feminism’s and corporate pornography’s sweetheart du jour. She first emerged online earlier this year with her xoJane article about life as an elite American tertiary education student while participating in pornography to help finance her education (x).

Porn exploiting women in precarious financial positions is nothing new. 

Her second article was in regards to her being “outed” as a pornographic performer and the subsequent bullying/ostracisation that she endured at her tertiary institution. (x)

Knox’s most recent article at xoJane details her love of exploitative, abusive and harmful sexual practices (x)

As is the case with many pornography/abuse/kink apologists Knox relies on the idea that “I chose it and I like it, therefore it’s okay.”

But what is Knox really supporting with statements like these? Well, as we can see from the quotation at the start of this article, what Knox is really doing is reinforcing harmful cultural myths about women, sex and rape.

To Knox and other women who have been indoctrinated into the porn industry and it’s misogynistic mythology abuse and rape become legitimate expressions of sexuality which is at best troubling and worst condoning the continued rape and exploitation of the female sex class.

Predators (and their enablers) adore these kinds of assertions because it provides yet another justification for their own degenerate self-interests.

What is also troubling is the age of the young woman that Knox is speaking about - like Knox, this performer is still young and not fully mentally or physically mature. A young woman who is two months beyond her eighteen birthday is not an informed and mature adult making a rational and informed decision. 

Not only that but Knox is not only celebrating her own abuse, but here she is championing the abuse and exploitation on camera of another young woman. 

Women who defend the porn industry are doing so at the expense of other women. And Belle Knox is condoning the sexual abuse and exploitation of other girls and women as a form of self-expression and sexuality. 

As a survivor myself, am so sick and tired of harmful and violent sexual behaviour being legitimised under the false guise of “expression” and “choice”. Harm is harm.

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"Meiko is a super hot new Asian pornstar"   Looks like she’s championing the racial fetishization of this girl as well.

I would quite agree with this statement - the fact that this woman is involved in particularly violent BDSM porn would be reinforcing cultural stereotypes about the “natural submission” of Asian women as well.

Notice that this is also “so hot” because of how “innocent” Meiko looks, plus the emphasis on her “barely legal” status. So it’s a trifecta: sexualizing violence, racial fetishization, and the sexualization of youth/pedophilia.

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  • Male author: I guess women are people
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Do you mean Joss Whedon? He has tremendous respect for women. The sexual exploitation of women in his films is not his fault. It comes down to the other studio executives. Hollywood places women as a sexual object to be ogled at the screen. Scarlett Johansson was a prime example of that in his film The Avengers. But he can't entirely be put to blame. It's the whole industry.


what I mean is that joss once said to be a feminist is “you either think women are people or you don’t” and the internet was like PRAISE BE THIS HOLY MALE FEMINIST when really he set the bar at ankle height and reduced a political movement down to a catchy slogan

Oh yeah, those mean studio exec sitting Joss down and FORCING, absolutely FORCING him to write all those scripts where rape and sexual assault are tossed around casually and with abandon, where women who have and enjoy sex are always punished for it and the only way to be “good” is to be chaste, where he fetishizes geishas and mental illness, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure Joss can hardly stand it.

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critiques of socialist states based on the idea of a “cult of personality” are fascinating to me in that it manages to ignore the fact the united states desecrated a sacred mountain to carve four of their presidents faces into it, as well as creating a six-star general rank just so george washington would always be the highest ranked general in the u.s. armed forces.

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