"tw: pedophilia and abusive relationships"

so, i just want to stop to tell something here: if an older man likes you, and tell you that you’re mature for your age, you have a body of a grown up women, it means he just want to eat you. yeah, ok, maybe he keeps you and takes care of  you well, but it doesn’t change anything, he is still a pedophile. and, girls, please, don’t fall for this, don’t say “oh, but i’m 17 now, it’s not pedophilia, i know what i’m doing, i’m a grown up woman, he’s cool, he loves me and it’s not abusive”.


stop right there.

just because, according to law, it’s not pedophilia, doesn’t mean that it’s not an abusive relationship!! please, keep it in mind. try to remember when you were younger, you used to think that you knew everything and everything you did was right, didn’t you? yeah, that’s the same thing, keep distance of this man and later you’ll see it’s was true. he knows you’re imature, he knows you’re a child, he knows you have a diferent mind, thoughts and wishes. he knows it’s abusive, he just don’t care because he wants to be in control. he wants a child who does everything he says.

and, yeah, maybe he is really cool, but there is a lot of young boys and young girls with your age who are awsome, have the same thoughts and life experience of you. 

keep it in mind.

and if you’re reading it and knows somebody who is passing for this situation, you can call me, my english is kinda bad, but i can understand you, and i’ll do my best to help you

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Protect women at all costs


well then

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Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]


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Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

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What all the victim blaming, “she’s partially responsible” “she shouldn’t have worn that” “she shouldn’t have put herself in that situation”, boils down to is “Serves her right for being born female”

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Sophie Turner + Natalie Dormer 
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Daisy Lowe for Women’s Health, October 2014

Daisy Lowe for Women’s Health, October 2014

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of course the terfs have capitalised on the monetizeyourcat thing. of course they use it as evidence that if you are a “tumblr sj genderspecial male” you are probably an abuser, a coward and a hypocrite. i hate terfs so fucking much

if they wanted to prove us wrong they could just, you know, not be abusers

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So CeeLo tweeted that a woman being unconscious implies consent and that "women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" after pleading no contest to slipping a woman ecstasy and raping her while she was passed out, deleted the tweets and then deleted his twitter entirely. Then, 21 hours ago, posted this on facebook:

In case anyone is wondering why I don’t waste my time with niceness politics or give any time to people who delegitimize the anger of the harmed and oppressed, there’s your answer.

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