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Jul 30



I was thinking today about Richard Dawkins and his self congratulatory date rape tweet and the way that it creates this dichotomy of ‘assault’ and assault. But the thing is every single girl I know has a story about the boy who wouldn’t stop snapping her bra straps in 8th grade, or losing her virginity because her boyfriend asked so persistently that she felt guilty saying no, or the boy who got her blackout drunk at a party and invited himself into her bed, or giving a blowjob for the first time because the boy she was with said she would if she really liked him, etc

Every single girl I know. We all have that story of non violent assault that we’ve internalized as unimportant. And really, that’s all those comparisons do, they delegitimize everything that isn’t stranger violence and shame women (especially young girls) into thinking they’re over reacting; they normalize harassment, painting it as some kind of adolescent rite of passage instead of the sexual assault that it actually is, and feed directly into rape culture

And you know, I’m a smart girl, I’ve read a lot of feminist theory, but I was still 26 years old before anyone told me that it wasn’t ok, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So maybe let’s be less concerned with alleviating the guilt of boys who date rape, I mean that’s what this is about right?

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Anonymous said: Following you because of your opinions and also because you're really funny tbh

Thank you I have a really good staff.

Anonymous said: i followed you because when i first started getting into feminism i just followed literally any feminist blog i could find before i knew about different kinds of feminism, and slowly but surely everything you blogged was just more fair and right and actually made sense to me. (and ps when i deleted my old blog i still checked ur blog like daily and it was one of the first i followed when i remade lol) x

I really like that you were open to any voices and figured out what worked for you, I wish more people did that!

Anonymous said: Feminism is dead -.- What are you even a feminist for ? we all have equal rights. Or do we not ? Give me something you cant do that i can do ? You just hate men. unfortunally most feminists hate men. I dont see what the point is about all the hate but hey if it makes you happy...

How could feminists possibly hate men when you’re all so insightful and interesting?

Anonymous said: I actually unfollowed you in my libfem days, and then re-followed when I saw the light and became a radical feminist.

I hope you left me a huffy message when you unfollowed.

Anonymous said: i follow you because you were the first radical feminist blog that i really saw and i still follow because of the thirst for alex turner.

You know know in recent weeks I’ve been developing a small secondary thirst for Jamie Cook.

Anonymous said: i followed you bc of some post about feminism and i was iffy about it at first bc i agreed whole heartedly with everything except ur anti porn stance but seeing a lot more about it i was like wow what the fuck is up with porn thats some hecked up shit



be the problematic fav you wish to see in the world

Anonymous said: I'm a different anon. After I also became disillusioned with mainstream feminism radical feminism made much more sense to me. It's sad how it's so stigmatized.

I know what you mean, but I also honestly believe things are changing. More and more women seem to be finding the flaws in mainstream feminism every day.