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Sep 23

Just kidding this one is way betterSomeone teach me how to mouth though, please.

Just kidding this one is way better

Someone teach me how to mouth though, please.

Everyone come see how good I look.

Everyone come see how good I look.


i will say seriously that, while emma watson might have a certain level of autonomy she’s still an actress in hollywood with a brand and reputation to make palatable. radical celebrity feminists will literally never exist, politically radical A-listers will never exist. celebrities are not your political figureheads, trust me. similarly, general progressive representation does not = someone’s individual political standpoint, and if we all stop holding our breath for a celebrity with non “”“problematic”“’” views, we’ll be a whole lot happier and healthier.





”I hate capitalism.” typed the communist individual on their MacBook Pro, a product that is a result of capitalism.

”I hate feudalism.” wrote the burgher with their printing press, a product that is a result of feudalism.

"there is only one G*d" said the early christians as they traveled through roman roads, a product of a pagan empire.


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And I’m 16000% not here for men inserting themselves into inter-feminist conflict/dialogue like thank you but no fucking thank you, goodbye, even the most choosey-choice, pandering libfem is my ally before you are, especially if you think you have any right to mock liberal feminism.

8000% not here for gender-conforming male “radfem allies” shitting on trans women or mocking gender non-conforming males ever. This is not even close to your discussion.



Jonah Mix aka Huff Yupp aka gendertreason aka smashingcontrolmachines is jelly because another man is getting more attention than him for doing feminist activism. :-(((

(that’s the point of feminist activism, after all; attention and praise)

[a short time elapses and SURPRISE!]:



Jonah has a master plan! He’ll post his own 1500 word essay on pornography (every word of it regurgitated from the women he learnt everything he knows from, no doubt) on *drum roll* a feminist website! Where women are the primary if not sole audience! Where his name will be up in lights! The attention and  praise will come rolling in! Jonah’s dreams will come true! He will no longer be jealous of other men for getting more feminist attention than him! He can now go back to pretending that it’s the destruction of patriarchy he cares about, not the attention and praise he gets from women when he says things like “it’s the destruction of patriarchy I care about!” or “porn is bad!”

In other words:

it’s gross and weird that jonah has being going super hard in the past couple days after he cried about how jealous he was of his manfriend who garnered a lot of attention by starting a petition and twitter shit fest about a trans woman competing in womens mma. like why tf are you jealous lol?…aren’t you just like, pleased that this bs is being brought to light or something? bc i am, but i’m not jealous that somebody else made the petition first?…or does jonah feel like the one who made the petition is climbing the feminist man ladder quicker than he is? bc suddenly now he’s writing blog posts and a 1.5k word essay and is trying to submit it to feminist sites beyond his own blog, like feministcurrent etc.  this whole thing just smells like it’s some sort of fun competition to him. how high he can climb on the radfem ladder. “omg lel im so jealous of my man friend I WANNA BE MORE INVOLVED HOW DO I MAKE PPL HATE ME MORE?”. it just looks so hard to me like this is some fun game competition and that would probably explain why he’s not interested in protesting male bs in male dominated areas. he won’t even take his feminism to the avfm (a voice for men) comments section (which would be a lot better than on fb in front of all his radfem friends), he’d rather be vocal in places where he’ll get ass pats/praise from women. how else will he climb the trendy high tier important radfem ladder if all the high rank feminists aren’t around to see him do it ??????????????? he could be out ranked by his friend at this rate *writes thousand word essay to submit as an actual paid article on radfem website*.

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Sep 22

"Why is the Bill of Rights in the official time capsule, but this painting of my dog is in time capsule seven?!”

I feel like liberal feminism is like that episode of Parks and Rec where they’re trying to make the time capsule but Leslie can’t say no to anyone no matter how stupid their contribution is so they end up with eight time capsules with copies of Twilight and paintings of people’s cats and workout DVDs and shit and the meeting takes days and days and nothing gets done because no one has the ovaries to just set some fucking parameters.

Anonymous said: I don’t think I’m the only one willing to make sacrifices; we haven’t discussed this at length. My issue is that I *want* to make that sacrifice (I wasn’t sure about getting a second degree and having a career to begin with), but that I feel guilty for wanting that. I could decide that I want to go to grad school and get the job I originally wanted to have an education for, and that would be fine. I’m just having trouble understanding why I feel guilty for possibly wanting to choose otherwise.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a lifetime of conditioning that has taught you that any choice you make simply means you’re failing as a woman in a different way.