i think what the sex positivity movement needs are two little things called “a filter” and “a sense of privacy”

i think what the sex positivity movement needs is one thing called “an end”

Anonymous asked: what about feminist porn?

What about unicorn tears as a cure for cancer?


Saying “I support a sex industry - but only when the women are safe, healthy, and treated with dignity” is like saying “I support imperialism - but only when it works out well for the colonized people.” If the only version of a thing you support is a hypothetical version that has never actually existed in the history of that thing, you don’t actually support it.

Vogue US will not work with Terry Richardson anymore






I’m wearing basically the business casual equivalent of pajama jeans to work today and I am simultaneously extremely paranoid everyone is judging me and feeling delighted like I’m getting away with the world’s greatest trick by wearing faux-silk lounge pants with a blazer.


i’m so sick of people using the words “consent” and “choice” to claim that whatever they’re doing is above critical thought


Shoutout to the girls gettin chub rub but walking like your life isn’t falling apart because your inner thighs are on fire

Ladies, there is a better way.

Marry me, I’ll play “Good Morning, Good Morning” at top volume when you need to get up early on a Sunday.

*natalie dormer voice*  //chinhands




what the fuck a terf reblogged my trans housing network post and just tagged it signal boost

wow, it’s almost like radical feminists are actually nice people who don’t want trans people to die who woulda thunk it

It’s almost like “terf” is an inaccurate silencing tactic used on radical feminists who actually don’t wish harm on trans people hmmm