Firefighter Shoots, Kills Neighbor Over Loud Music (by TheYoungTurks)

  1. Raul Rodriguez pulled out the gun on Kelly Danaher in Danaher’s driveway.
  2. Danaher raises his hands to show that he has no weapons and says that he doesn’t.
  3. Rodriguez repeatedly says “my life is in danger” while Danaher is walking away.
  4. Danaher feels threatened and says that he will get his gun from his house.
  5. Raul shoots and kills Danaher.

What in the fuck is wrong with people?

[t/w in video: violence, gun violence]

The Stand Your Ground nonsense has now gotten so meta we have people actually filming themselves as they threaten unarmed people with guns, saying over and over again “I’m in fear of my life, I’m in fear of my life, I feel threatened” so they can use it in court later to prove their “innocence.” Or at least their compliance with this ridiculous statute. This is what these laws have become — filming yourself murdering someone while simultaneously setting up your defense by capturing it on video and saying the appropriate words that trigger a get out of jail free statute. We used to call that premeditated murder, but I guess not anymore.

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