Tell Former State Senator That Shooting Victims Didn't "Lack Courage"!


Tell Former State Senator That Shooting Victims Didn’t “Lack Courage”!

The gunman at the theater shooting in Colorado was dressed entirely in bulletproof gear. He was heavily armed, threw tear gas into the theater before he began shooting, and was acting in a dark, crowded theater. In 90 seconds, when law enforcement responded, he had injured 70 people.

Despite all of that though, former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce thinks that one of the people in the theater should have been able to stop the shooter. In a Facebook post, Pearce criticized the folks in the theater for not being armed and for a “lack of courage”. He said that all that was needed was “one courageous/brave man prepared mentally or otherwise to stop this”.

So many people risked their lives to save loved ones or even strangers, putting themselves in the line of fire to block others from the bullets — these people definitely did not lack courage, and to say so is insulting.

Please tell former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce that the shooting victims did not lack courage! 

— Brittany 

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