once again why the fuck are we wasting our time with cissexism in the feminist movement?

we argue against all this biological determinism and emphasize the fact that gender is a social construct then we hate on people who suffer/experience discrimination precisely because of the fact their gender identity doesn’t match their assigned gender at birth? like??

our oppression is patriarchy. That’s why feminism can’t be disentangled from lgbtq struggles because the basis of the oppression stems from patriarchal gender norms which have led to widespread oppression of women.

Why is this so difficult to understand and why the fuck are we wasting time oppressing people thru patriarchal norms when it’s literally the antithesis of what we aim to do?

I legitimately do not understand how focusing our energy on ostracizing and oppressing other women is in any way helpful to this movement

Because “gender” is a tool of oppression and supporting concepts that uphold gender as natural and necessary is incompatible with women’s liberation.

Because saying “biological sex is a reality and the cue for socialization, and males and females are socialized differently with females taught to be subordinate to males” is not cissexism, it’s reality.

Because people like you can’t wrap their heads around the fact that acknowledging socialization and the gender hierarchy exists and being a gender abolitionist is not “oppressing people [through] patriarchal norms” but you know… the opposite of what the patriarchy wants us to do.

Alright i’m legitimately unsure how to react to/counter this and I need help but this is the basis of what i’m trying to argue with that post:

-I DO acknowledge that gender hierarchy exists and that biological sex is a reality and a cue for socialization

-I recognize gender a social construct that is fluid and isn’t “essential”, but if people want to identify as or emulate a certain gender or a combination or varying spectrum of one they should have a right to do so

People have the “right” to do whatever they want. Doing whatever you want isn’t feminist if it contributes to and perpetuates a system of oppression. You can still do it, but don’t call it feminism.

-and that under patriarchy women and the “feminine” qualities associated with that come under oppression as a result of gender hierarchy but identifying as a gender in itself isn’t inherently wrong thus shouldn’t be oppressive

Being a transsexual with body dysphoria who transitions is not in and of itself an oppressive action. Being a gender essentialist who says someone who exhibits stereotypically masculine appearance/behavior/traits MUST be a man and someone who exhibits stereotypically feminine appearance/behavior/traits MUST be a woman is oppressive.

Creating endless names and categories and sub-categories to fit an endless number of “gender identities” to suit each individual person rather than realizing that gender is the problem and seeking to abolish the system all together is also, always, oppressive.

Obviously gender itself has to be reconceptualized since it is largely defined by the patriarchy itself and all of the ramfications of that are from a patriarchal perspective…

but gender identity or lack thereof isn’t inherently problematic, it’s patriarchy that makes it that way.

Yes, it is. Gender is always oppressive. It does not need to be “reconceptualized” because gender is a tool of oppression and subordination. As long as we are creating and upholding categories to shove people into we are going to be perpetuating that subordination. There is nothing radical about gender, and there is no radical way to have a “gender identity.” You can not dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools.

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    Yes, it is. Gender is always oppressive. It does not need to be “reconceptualized” because gender is a tool of...
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    Alright i’m legitimately unsure how to react to/counter this and I need help but this is the basis of what i’m trying to...
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