To put it succinctly

If “cis” is a word meant to denote someone who does not suffer from GID/bodily dysphoria, then I fail to understand why the appropriate word to actually use wouldn’t be “neurotypical,” unless there is a compelling argument for why we need a word for people who don’t have one specific mental disorder and not a word for people who don’t have bipolar disorder, or synesthesia, or any of the hundreds of other mental disorders and neurological conditions that exist in humans.

If “cis” is a word that means “a person who is comfortable with their societally constructed gender role” it is first an almost useless term in that it applies to a miniscule percentage of the population who actually is comfortable with the ENTIRETY of their societal gender role and does not break away or feel discomfort with it in anyway, and secondly a term that should NEVER be applied to someone without their consent or self identification.

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    not all trans people suffer from dysphoria though?