I really hope my fellow radfems don’t start buying into this “TERF” nonsense, just another attempt to discredit radical feminists they disagree with and play us against each other by segregating us into “good” and “bad” radfems. I think we’ve seen pretty clearly time and again that actual transphobia and what is called transphobia on this site have a canyon a mile wide between them, and we shouldn’t start legitimizing the idea that (a) “good” radical feminism is that which unquestioningly accepts trans/queer theory and politics and (b) that it is the job of people who don’t use radical feminist analysis to group and define us.

This is just “radscum” in a new package.

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  3. marjchaos said: Actually I think it’s an attempt to redefine radical feminism as libfem, and give radfems a new name. Much like coercively assigning women with Cis.
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