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Spanish Moms Pose Semi-Nude for a Calendar to Raise Money to Pay for Their Kids’ School Bus

The Telegraphreports that a group of Spanish mothers, in an effort to raise awareness about the crippling cuts to Spain’s education spending, has posed for a “racy” calendar. Racy, in this most euphemistic instance, means that the mothers have posed in states of undress along a now-defunct bus route. In an effort to cut spending, Spanish authorities did away with the bus service, an unfortunate turn that has forced many Spanish students to trudge as far as four miles to school over unpaved roads. That, according to the calendar moms, is bullshit, and if posing semi-nude for a calendar is the only way to raise awareness that Spain is bankrupting its children to pay for the mistakes of its finance ministers, then, one mom told the Telegraph, so be it: “I´ll do anything for my child and if I have to undress, because in Spain that´s what has to be done to get attention, then I´ll do it.”

This makes me nauseated. Funny how it coincides with the release of a movie that has us all talking about poor Fantine having to sell her body to provide for her child but Jezebel can post an article (written by a dude, of course) about mother’s forced to do (one of) the 21st century version of that because of the failures of the state and no one is seeing parallels. I guess it’s just expected that women will always have to use their bodies to provide for others, so our instincts should apparently be between “wanting to stand up and cheer for these moms and getting depressed at how the government is treating public education.” Because I guess if we recognize that it’s fucked up BOTH that the government isn’t providing for its children AND that these mothers have to commodify their bodies we’d be sex negative or something.

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Affirmative Dissatisfaction | The Harvard Crimson →


Wow. Doesn’t get much clearer than this. A self-proclaimed “legacy” student at Harvard University (i.e., the product of an affirmative action policy favoring the progeny of wealthy alumni), argues that affirmative action for people of color should be abolished. The hypocritical elitist ignorance is almost astounding.


Affirmative Dissatisfaction
Affirmative action does more harm than good

By Sarah Siskind
Published: Friday, November 02, 2012

Preferential treatment is wrong unless you’re rich, white, and average!

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6 things you should know about student loan debt

Please go here to sign the petition for the Student Loan Forgiveness Act.


6 things you should know about student loan debt

Please go here to sign the petition for the Student Loan Forgiveness Act.

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